The Headwind Simulations A339X is a free Add-On for the Microsoft Flight Simulator which bring the Airbus A330-900neo into your Home Cockpit.


The A21NX is a collobaration between Headwind and QBit Simulations which will bring the Airbus A321neo to the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Which Flight Simulator is supported?

Our add-ons are designed for the Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC. The XBOX versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator, XPlane, and Prepar3D will not receive our Add-Ons.

How much does the Add-Ons cost?

Nothing! All of our Add-Ons are available as freeware because we don't want to make any money!

Are your Add-Ons just a copy of the FlyByWire System?

No! The excellent FlyByWire System serves as the foundation for our Add-Ons, which are tailored in terms of flight model, systems, and functionality.

Can i contribute to your projects?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to participate in improving our Add-Ons. If you want further information, get in touch with us on Discord.

More Questions? Get in touch!

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With your support, Headwind Simulations will be able to deliver a better add-on, improve and upgrade our infrastructure for safe, dependable downloads.

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